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Oh my fucking GOD. You are such a two-faced bitch.

You begged me for one of my characters to be involved with yours, and then when I fucking gave it to you, you suddenly don't want to play with me... and then I hear from one of my best friends that your character is hanging all over hers and making him take care of him while he's sick. BUT GUESS WHAT? Your character isn't getting any action from hers! Because he's dating one of mine, and they're just being secretive about it. So fuck you. I have a feeling my character is going to suddenly say, "Oh, this isn't working out," and dump your guy.

And another thing, hello douchebag who I used to RP with in a certain RP community, people keep telling me that you're saying nasty vicious shit about me. Yes, I know you are one of the shittiest RPers ever and that you know I'm a lot better than you (especially how you have to rip off my characterizations so yours are even somewhere near decent), you don't have to act like a fucking bitch in order to make people like you. We had specifically discussed ignoring one another in the community when our friendship dissolved, but IGNORING DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD TRASHTALK ME TO PEOPLE.


P.S. I love this community. Thank you for letting me feel like I can really vent here. =)

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