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Oh my fucking GOD. You are such a two-faced bitch.

You begged me for one of my characters to be involved with yours, and then when I fucking gave it to you, you suddenly don't want to play with me... and then I hear from one of my best friends that your character is hanging all over hers and making him take care of him while he's sick. BUT GUESS WHAT? Your character isn't getting any action from hers! Because he's dating one of mine, and they're just being secretive about it. So fuck you. I have a feeling my character is going to suddenly say, "Oh, this isn't working out," and dump your guy.

And another thing, hello douchebag who I used to RP with in a certain RP community, people keep telling me that you're saying nasty vicious shit about me. Yes, I know you are one of the shittiest RPers ever and that you know I'm a lot better than you (especially how you have to rip off my characterizations so yours are even somewhere near decent), you don't have to act like a fucking bitch in order to make people like you. We had specifically discussed ignoring one another in the community when our friendship dissolved, but IGNORING DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD TRASHTALK ME TO PEOPLE.


P.S. I love this community. Thank you for letting me feel like I can really vent here. =)
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FYI for prospective members

The shit list isn't a place for conversations. The original comments got left up as we did invite anyone on the shit list to post a comment. But everyone else's mess has been deleted. Comments and conversations about whether or not this community is ~butthurt~ or a clone of fuckyou_rp or anything else don't go there, only comments from the shit listed and from members with suggestions for future shit listed folks do. That kind of thing goes in the comments/concerns/suggestions/questions post.

It's bad community day! Post your bad community experiences.
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lol first post

Well, as a mod, it's my duty to get things going. Even when there's only two members.

So I have a real big problem with folks who over-use the term butthurt. As in, anyone who disagrees with them, doesn't like them, or doesn't like their community must be butthurt. Um... no. If people don't like something that's happened, it's a natural response to then not like the person who did that thing to them, or the place where such things go on. Obviously there are situations where emo bitches really do get butthurt over ridiculous things like someone not being at their RP beck and call 24/7, but in general, it's not a term to be used left and right. And it just annoys me when people accuse people of that so often. Usually when I see someone calling other people butthurt a lot, it just makes me think they're insecure.

So go those of us who've been accused of being butthurt who're actually quite fine in our ass area.
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The Love List

The Love List

AKA the people and communities we love and why. Just as with the Shit List, suggestions will be taken, but peeps only get added to the Love List if the mod had a good/loveworthy experience with them.


1. team_bowyer and mynewbunnysuit. Seriously, you would be lucky to know how much win we are.

2. hisimperialvalo. Seriously, it takes balls to post something you really want on a community when it's something most people would look down on or make fun of. But this chick did it, and she did it with attitude. Total props.

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The Shit List

The Shit List

AKA, people and communities we really don't like and why. If you're on this list, we don't really care. You can read it, comment on it, call us names, whatever you want. You can even join our community if it blows your hair back. Just know that as far as we're concerned, you do not deserve respect and we will taunt you mercilessly. Suggestions will be taken for people who deserve to be on the Shit List, but no one will be Shit Listed unless the mod has had an actual shitty encounter with them deserving of a lack of respect.


1. Piss Girl. This one is a long story, but she is quite possibly the most hateful person ever. All of her hate stems from one man who she's never even met - she even goes so far as to hate people he's affiliated with simply because they're affiliated with him. We know, we know, we're hateful people too, but we at least contain our hate to people we know/have dealt with. She also confuses people by requesting to play opposite the people she previously claims to dislike, and then sends you youtube videos about pissing on cats when you refuse.

2. hormones. Arguably the most arrogant, 'holier than thou' mod of them all, this person (is it a he? a she? I never could tell) likes to do things like make fun of other people for ridiculous reasons, bash their ideas, call them 'butthurt' for anything that disagrees with his/her opinions or community, and then pretends to be an angel of fairness for letting people post anything they want to on said community (while for some reason withholding anonymous posts). Overall, a bucket of pure fail.

3. zampano. Hello elitist asshole. I will admit, I have some respect for her usage of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and every now and again a little tee-niny bit of reason, but her elitism far exceeds this.

4. egos_of_fire. Asskisser. That is all that needs to be said. She sucks on the asshole of previously mentioned hormones at every opportunity. That's severely unimpressive in so many ways.

5. The Sleep Monster. We all have one. Usually he likes to strike at inopportune times, such as in the middle of an important scene or while brainstorming/performing dickery. Sometimes he leaves us with cricks in our necks and entire paragraphs of ////./s,adfa////// from where our hands were resting on the keyboards when we fell asleep. Overall, he fails on a nightly basis.

6. xstopthworldx. Dude, for real, this is the internet. It is not srs bsns, stop making a big deal out of OMG EVERYTHING. This chick was not even on the original list, but made drama in the comments about it, so welcome to the list bb. IT'S MY PERSONAL GRUDGE AGAINST YOU AND WHATNOT.

7. assume AKA the prettiest, prettiest princess at the ball. Sarcasm + excessive wrist cutting = shit listed. Take care of them wrists hun, wouldn't want you to accidentally amputate your drama-typing little hands off.


1. fuckyou_rp. The brainchild of hormones, this is place where apparently you should leave your 'butthurt' at the door, but yet it prevails in the community. The mod his/herself becomes 'butthurt' over people not liking the community, and will then call them butthurt for no apparent reason.