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rp_cesspool's Journal

RP's own little pool of shit
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Welcome to rp_cesspool!
The community that probably doesn't like you!

We here at rp_cesspool only accept the highest quality RP ranting. Here, there is no such thing as a 'holier than thou' attitude. This is a sanctuary for everything from anonymous posting to dropping usernames in rant posts. There isn't much we look down on. Here there is only all of us, your not-so-friendly mods included, with all our annoyances that bitches like to turn into drama, and we fully expect you to fight it out for all it's worth.


1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is a *REQUIREMENT. There is a line between ranting about something and bashing it, and if you cross it you will be warned. A sufficient amount of warnings will get you banned.

2. Don't annoy your mods. Things like e-speak, thinking you're better than other people, and taking yourself too seriously gets on their nerves. Don't do it.

3. Post what you damn want to. I don't care if it's a person, a line, a post from another community, whatever, if it pertains to role play and it's getting on your nerves, post about it. Start some e-drama, damn it, it'll make you feel good. Please stay within the confines of the internet though and do not post any names, email addresses, etc unless it's information already available publicly (which you'll have to prove to a mod if you want to post).

4. Participation in the weekly activities is greatly encouraged, but obviously not required. Keep in mind that you only get out of this community what you put into it, drama included, so get involved if you've got the time.

5. Trolling and advertising is strictly prohibited. Trolling is just immature and annoying, and there are other more appropriate places to advertise.

*Not all people have proven themselves worthy of respect. For the people who do not require respect, please see the Important Links section for the Shit List link.

Weekly schedule

We have a variety of activities planned to keep the community fun and thriving. These are for you, please take advantage of them.

Sunday: e-drama day. The day to create e-drama, finish past e-drama, post funny e-drama from other communities, and generally revel in e-drama. Why not start your week with a good dose of it?
Monday: Bad community day. A mod will make a post in which the members will post bad communities they've experienced (and hopefully the experience - stories ftw!!).
Tuesday: Anonymous day. A mod will make a post in which IP logging is turned off and anonymous commenting is turned on so that you can rant and rave about whatever you want to in the comments. Honestly? The rules don't apply to the anonymous posts. Do whatever you want to with them.
Wednesday: Wednesday doesn't have a theme yet =/
Friday: GOD DOMN OT OLFROD day. Oll commonts to the post most hove the mojoroty of vowols roploced with O's. Copslock os strongly oncouroged.
Saturday: Love day. Yes, even we need love. Comment to the love post with anything or anyone you love about or in the world of role play.

You do not need to refrain from posting on theme days. Posts are allowed at all times, these are just the days when those specific posts will be made. Theme posts can be participated in throughout the week until the next theme post is made. Only a mod can make a theme post, so don't even try it.

Once a month there will be a friending meme. Who doesn't like more lj friends?

Other important info

Your mods:

mynewbunnysuit and team_bowyer. We're not nice, but we're reasonable folks. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc please feel free to contact us via this post. Comments are screened, etc etc. Respect will get you far with us.


We have no affiliates yet!! If you have suggestions for a good community that might like to affiliate with us or you mod a community and would like to affiliate, just send us a comment on the Suggestion Box.

Important Links
Shit List
Love List
Suggestions Box