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lol first post [Oct. 19th, 2008|09:52 pm]
RP's own little pool of shit


Well, as a mod, it's my duty to get things going. Even when there's only two members.

So I have a real big problem with folks who over-use the term butthurt. As in, anyone who disagrees with them, doesn't like them, or doesn't like their community must be butthurt. Um... no. If people don't like something that's happened, it's a natural response to then not like the person who did that thing to them, or the place where such things go on. Obviously there are situations where emo bitches really do get butthurt over ridiculous things like someone not being at their RP beck and call 24/7, but in general, it's not a term to be used left and right. And it just annoys me when people accuse people of that so often. Usually when I see someone calling other people butthurt a lot, it just makes me think they're insecure.

So go those of us who've been accused of being butthurt who're actually quite fine in our ass area.